Your 90 Day Warranty

Your 90 Day Warranty

At Mint, your satisfaction is our most important priority. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, you have 15 days for refund or exchange, including shipping fees!

You also have up to 90 days period for warranty exchange if its defect cause by the device. Not applicable for buyer’s remorce or our of warranty echange. If you wish to exchange for a device that costs more, simply pay the difference.

Simple, clear and as always, consumer friendly.

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Buy certified Used Devices

Used, Refurbished, or Pre-owned: Which one is better?

A Mint Canada Consumer Advice Article

If you don’t need the latest version of your device or can’t afford the high cost of buying new, you can find great deals by searching for “Used”, “Refurbished”, or “Pre-owned” phones or tablets. Each description offers discounts, but what exactly does each term mean and what compromises do you have to accept? Here are the differences, the advantages, and the risks of each:



The “Used” label covers a wide range of conditions from almost-new to almost-dead. You’re probably dealing with a private seller, which means you’re accepting a phone or tablet as-is. Most private sellers offer a limited warranty, although details aren’t clear on when/how it applies.

Sound vague? It is. Because of the uncertainty, used devices usually offer the greatest discounts as well as the most risk. There is no standard for quality or reliability, and little recourse should the phone or tablet not work.

Check the seller’s reviews and don’t be shy about asking questions and requesting pics.



“Refurbished” means the device has had work done before being resold, either by the vendor or manufacturer. That could mean it’s simply been cleaned, or a screen or battery may have been replaced. These types of straightforward upgrades will leave you with a device that’s almost as good as new. In other cases, defective parts were repaired or replaced. Check the company doing the ‘refurbishment’. Is the device certified? What warranty is offered?

Apple and Samsung are two companies that sell certified refurbished devices that are brought back to good-as-new condition. Independent repair companies also offer high quality refurbished devices. Most of these authorized resellers offer warranties that cover a full year.

Because they’ve gone through rigorous upgrades and testing, certified refurbished phones and tablets don’t offer the same discounted prices as pre-owned or used. You can find greater savings on refurbished devices by purchasing from private sellers, but the condition is harder to verify and warranties harder to enforce.



“Pre-owned” usually refers to a device that’s been well-maintained and in good condition, but with no work or upgrades done to it. The term is used when a phone or tablet was used lightly and still within its original warranty period. Keep in mind, “Pre-owned” is not the same as “Open box”, which refers to a new device that was opened but not used.

The catch with “Pre-owned” is the term is sometimes interchangeable with “Used”, creating a false impression of the device’s condition. There’s no legal dividing line between the two terms. Nor is there a standardized guide for product descriptions. A device described as “Excellent”, “Very good”, or “Good” might mean different things to different sellers. You’re probably safe with “Excellent”, but there is plenty of grey area between “Very good” and “Good”.

In all cases, check reviews of the seller, along with their rating.

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Repair or Replace?

Broken Cellphone? Need an iPad Repaired? Is it better to repair it or replace it?

A Mint Canada Consumer Advice Article

From cracked screens to water damage to glitchy performance to not-working-at-all, about 70% of cellphone owners will experience a problem with their phone. But when the inevitable happens, is it better to repair your cellphone it or get a new one?

Depends on these key factors:

  • Age of your phone
  • Severity of the damage
  • Cost and timeline of repairs
  • Reliability of the repair

The same factors apply to a tablet or iPad repair

Age of your cell phone or tablet

Obviously, a new phone is warrantied against certain types of damage. You can also purchase additional cellphone insurance that will cover many typical issues for one or two years. Apple care is an example of these kinds of extended warranties. Google phones, Samsung, Motorola and other major brands also offer extended warranties. In most cases you get an extra 24 months of coverage. One caveat: you must purchase your extended warranty at the time of purchase.

Remember, as a phone or tablet ages the decision to fix or replace it becomes less clear. Are you the type who takes full advantage of newer software, increased resolution and power? If you enjoy the new toys, getting a newer generation of phone may be worth more to you than repairing your older phone or tablet.

At the same time, you may value the familiar buttons and apps on your old device, which is why some people would rather repair an outdated model than learn to use a new one. But if the band-aid is more expensive than the actual phone, it’s time to consider moving on from your old friend.

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Severity of the damage and cost of repair to your cellphone or tablet

Cracked screens are the most common problem with cellphones and tablets. Luckily, most screen repairs are done effectively and affordably. You can even do it yourself (but be careful that you don’t void an existing warranty).

Water damage to your device is more variable. If you’re lucky, the problem can be fixed with time (and a little rice!). But some water damage can do serious and permanent damage. An authorized and trusted repair service will help you make an informed decision.

If your phone or tablet is experiencing erratic performance, a weak battery, buttons that don’t function, etc., have an authorized repair partner determine whether the problem is isolated to one thing, or a sign of wider systemic issues. If the cause is age or excessive wear-and-tear, it will likely affect the entire phone. Once your phone has multiple issues, repairs become expensive, less reliable, and not worth it. At that point, it’s time to start shopping for a new phone.

Cost, timeline, and reliability of repairs

The cost of repairing your phone or tablet should be balanced against how long you intend to keep it, and how reliable the repair is. Obviously, the more serious the problem, the less it’s worth repairing.

A difficult repair may still be worth doing if your phone’s contract is up soon, or if the next upgrade is around the corner. In that case, you only need a quick-fix to get you to the finish line.

If you want a long-term solution, ask a repair specialist about the nature of the problem and the effectiveness of the specific repair. Not every repair eliminates the problem. Keep in mind, even once repaired a phone may not perform exactly as before. And even when covered under warranty, nobody wants the hassle of returning to the shop if the problem happens again.

If your phone is not under warranty, you can also explore the many DIY repairs. Depending on your comfort level, you can find many how-to videos that explain how to repair many common issues yourself, which may save hundreds of dollars.

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Top 5 Ways You’ll Damage Your Cellphone

A Mint Canada Consumer Advice Article

 You bring your device everywhere at every hour of the day, so the question isn’t IF, but WHEN your poor phone will experience damage. You may not be able to avoid every problem, but this list of the 5 most common causes of cellphone damage may help stave off the most costly issues.

  1. Whoops!

 No matter how careful you are, your cellphone will almost certainly be dropped multiple times during its lifetime. It’s the single most common cause of cellphone damage, responsible for millions of cracked screens and damaged components every year. Luckily, there are accessories that reduce the risk of your phone tumbling onto the sidewalk.

Carry smarter. Attach your phone to a lanyard or slip your cell into a cellphone holster. For runners and those who exercise with their cellphone, an armband phone holder will keep it safe and snug without interfering with movement.

And do we have to say it? Buy a screen-protector. A good quality screen-protector adds a level of protection that prevents/minimizes damage when the inevitable fumble happens.


  1. Overcharging and undercharging

Draining your cellphone battery to zero used to be a recommended practice. That’s no longer the case. Today’s lithium-ion batteries do best when not drained too empty or charged too fully. Both extremes place stress on the battery, causing it to weaken and shortening its lifespan. Best approach is to charge your phone in shorter bursts, maxing out to about 85% full and not letting it drain below 30%.

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  1. Abusing Your Charge-Port

One of the most vulnerable spots on your phone is the little port into which your cable is plugged. The small internal pins can become bent with too much pressure or the wrong cables. It’s also an exposed area where dirt can accumulate, liquid can infiltrate, and you know your battery is still good. If your phone isn’t charging and you’ve ruled out the battery, or your charger is not connecting properly, the problem may be the charge-port.

Physical damage to the internal components probably requires professional repair, however if the connection problem is caused by water and dirt , you may be able to handle it by yourself.

If water gets into your charge-port, place your phone with the port facing down and let it dry for an hour.

Sometimes it may simply need a cleaning. Cotton swabs are too thick, so try wrapping a small amount of cotton around a toothpick and gently wiping around the sides of the port. Dampen your makeshift swab with rubbing alcohol to remove crustier debris. Short bursts of compressed air may help dislodge deeper gunk, but don’t blow into your charge-port and risk spitting moisture into it.


  1. Cheap cables

No-name cables cost much less and seem to work, so what’s the problem? How about frying your phone’s logic board, to start. Cables not properly regulated for your specific device may be pumping more voltage into your components than they can handle, causing excessive heat and serious damage.


  1. Clicking & Downloading

Seems like every day you’re getting another tax refund or winning another prize. All you have to do is click this link. But even if you’re too savvy to click on links from strangers, the link from your brother is surely fine, right? Except it’s not your brother and you’ve just infected your phone with malware. Bottom line: The majority of links you receive are booby-traps, so unless you’re expecting a specific link from a specific source at a specific time, don’t click.

Installing apps also requires caution. Pirated apps and apps found on generic app stores often include malware and adware. Make sure to download through legitimate app stores.

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