What is Certified Pre-Owned (CPO)device?

It’s a device that’s as good as new, fully functional, and 100% awesome. Completely restored, CPO are minimally used devices which have been completely restored. So they look like new overall, but they might have minor marks or scuffs visible upon close inspection only. They are thoroughly tested. These devices are data wiped, then thoroughly tested by qualified technicians. We sanitize, fully wipe, factory reset and professionally test each of these devices. They are fully functional, unlocked, safe and ready to use.

Do Certified Pre-Owned Devises come with a warranty?

The warranty is 3 months when you purchase a CPO.  If your device was sent as a warranty replacement, your warranty is 90 days from the date of replacement. Or Please contact us for more details.

What steps are taken to make these devices Certified Pre-Owned?

All our CPO phones undergo thorough inspection and testing in these areas: · Connectivity – Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are checked; Test calls are placed to ensure connections are seamless. · Audio – Microphone, earpiece, and loudspeaker are checked to ensure proper talking and listening volumes. · Camera – Flash, video, lenses, and front and rear cameras are tested to ensure they’re all functioning well. · Display – Display screen and touchscreen are tested to ensure there are no dead pixels and that all gestures are properly detected. · Sensors – All included sensors are checked (i.e., light, gyroscope and accelerometer) to ensure optimal performance. · Buttons & Menu Keys – These are all individually inspected to ensure they are functioning properly.

What is included with my purchase of Certified Pre-Owned ?

All CPO devices come in a white box with the AAA quality cable and wall charger.

What is the return/exchange policy for a Certified Pre-Owned device?

CPO devices can be returned or exchanged 15 days from the date of purchase at the customers expense. All phones must be shipped back in it’s original package, completely wiped of all information and factory reset.