How do I send you my device?

It’s simple! Once you have accepted a quote, we will email you a free pre-paid Purolator shipping label, so that you can pack and send us your phone. Once you have received it, simply pack your device in a secure, well packaged envelope and make an arrangement for pick-up by Purolator. You will receive a confirmation as soon as we have received and inspected it.

How long does it take for me to get paid once you’ve received my device?

Once your device arrives at our warehouse, it typically takes about 1 to 2 business days for the payment to be issued. You will be paid by PayPal.

What if you don’t agree with the condition I listed?

If we think your phone is in better shape than you listed, we will raise its value. If your phone is in worse shape than listed, we will contact you with a revised offer which you can accept or decline. If you decline, we will send your phone back to you at no cost*.

*If the device is blacklisted (reported as lost or stolen), or is ID locked (Find my iPhone On or Google locked), the customer would have to pay for the return shipping should they wish to receive it back.

What do I need to include with the phone I send you?

We only need the device and battery. If you have the charger or other optional accessories, you are most welcome to include them in the package.

What should I do before sending my device?

You are responsible for removing any data from your device. Mint is not responsible for any loss of any data or media from products delivered to us for trade-in. If you fail to remove any passwords and email accounts, we reserve the right to refuse your device and it will be returned to sender.